How India does tea better than the British

Entering a foreign land such as india can be unnerving for many.  We think they call it ‘culture shock’. Finding yourself in a country where nothing seems at all familiar is weird.

With this in mind, it’s the little things that transfer between cultures that keep you sane – people having banter in a shop, the nation’s obsession for cricket, watching a yawn spread across a group of people and oh yes. … Their love for tea. Continue reading


Delhi For Dummies – A first-timer’s approach

A close, spiritual friend, recalling her adventures in India many moons ago had advised us to “step off the plane in New Delhi, stop and feel the energy”. The only really positive statement that we had really heard about our impending journey.

What could we expect? Is it safe? Would we actually enjoy it? Friends, family and customers were keen to give us their take on what it would be like, but this of course, is only based on things that they may have heard or possibly imagined.

You might be wondering what the first impressions are like, so allow us to take you there Continue reading

Kuldeep and Friends, New Delhi – Pugs and Drugs

You arrive in New Delhi, step off the plane, survive your first taxi journey, but where are you gonna stay?

Throw yourself into it why don’t you? Sure, you might have the rupees to stay at the Taj, but what sort of an experience will that be?

Like many first-time backpackers, we headed for the very well known area of Paharganj to stay at the not so well known “Kuldeep and Friends Hostel”. This place was just as quirky as the surrounding area Continue reading

Travelling India safely as a western woman

Let’s be frank ladies, you’re travelling through India, you have fair skin, you WILL get a lot of attention!  Being a white British fuller figured sexy mama like myself, a lot of Indian men go crazy for my child bearing hips and ass that won’t quit.  I have been fondled, stroked, mentally undressed and had the odd chat up line thrown my way on the occasions where the chance to grope me wasn’t available.  You may be able to look after yourself in the westernised world but here you are entering a culture far removed from what you are used to.  Continue reading

How to find a decent coffee in paradise

When you’re a slave to the bean, things are pretty tough when you arrive in India and you very soon realise that it’s so much about the masala chai that they seem to have forgotten about the coffee altogether. We replaced our usual daily espresso consumption with the sweet, sweet, sweet taste of India’s finest hot beverage. It was however, only a matter of time until we felt the need to take it upon ourselves to create a cup of the black stuff so we took our opportunity during one sun set on agonda. Good job we brought our own kettle…. Continue reading