How India does tea better than the British

Entering a foreign land such as india can be unnerving for many.  We think they call it ‘culture shock’. Finding yourself in a country where nothing seems at all familiar is weird.

With this in mind, it’s the little things that transfer between cultures that keep you sane – people having banter in a shop, the nation’s obsession for cricket, watching a yawn spread across a group of people and oh yes. … Their love for tea. Continue reading


How to: Upcycle stuff from the bin to make excellent cold brew coffee

Picture the scene: Blue sky, 28 degrees, sun gently setting over the sea, an empty beach with golden sand and the roar of the Indian Ocean waves crashing on the shore. Perfect time to grab the Mkettle for an evening brew.

But what do you do when your fire starting skills are lacking? (let’s blame it on the wind…) In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how we got creative with objects for the bin to create a beautiful cold brew coffee ready for the morning. Continue reading

How to find a decent coffee in paradise

When you’re a slave to the bean, things are pretty tough when you arrive in India and you very soon realise that it’s so much about the masala chai that they seem to have forgotten about the coffee altogether. We replaced our usual daily espresso consumption with the sweet, sweet, sweet taste of India’s finest hot beverage. It was however, only a matter of time until we felt the need to take it upon ourselves to create a cup of the black stuff so we took our opportunity during one sun set on agonda. Good job we brought our own kettle…. Continue reading